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thienng 07-01-2004 11:15 PM

How to capture video/sound via ATI AIW?
Hello there
I am a novice when it comes to convert video to DVD. I recently bought ATI AIW Radeon 9600 Pro 128( based on your recommendation)and set it up according to your guideline. I have a couple of questions

1-Do I have to connect from A/V out( from ATI AIW) to line in of my sound card in order to capture sound? I thought when I connect the ATI AIW 4-HEADED INPUT ADAPTER
from video(video+R/L audio) into A/V in of the ATI AIW ( via 8-pin input), it would capture the sound as well.

2-I have 2 soundcards in my computer( echo GINA which offers better sound quality and Realtek from the motherboard), ATI AIW only recognises the Realtek. If I connect the audio out from the video to the audio in of the Gina and use Nuendo to capture the sound( at 48 KHz) while capturing the video using ATI MMC 8.1, will this affect the quality of the captured video( My system is P4
3 Giga Hz with 1 Gig of RAM).

Thanks again for your great service and forum

admin 07-02-2004 04:46 PM

1- But the soundcard and ATI card must be connected inside the PC using AUX wiring. Or connect the audio cable from the ATI output wires into the LINE IN on the soundcard. The output is the black wire bundle, input is the purple box.

2- Audio out of ATI wires to input of other card should be fine. Just be aware it can cause sync issues, and then running two programs at once could hurt performance or cause frames to be dropped. You lose one frame, and sync is gone. ATI MMC would drop BOTH audio/video at a drop to keep sync.

If you need anything else, ask. I'm being brief beause carpal tunnel acting up on me today.

thienng 07-04-2004 12:26 AM

Thank you Lordsmurf very much. I tried to capture video via ATI MMC 8.1 and audio via Nuendo(using Echo sound card) simultaneously and noticed a marked deterioration of video quality.

Who can do Aux wiring? Can I do it myself or do I have to take it to the computer shop to have it done for me?
I plan to buy an output adapter which will connect the A/V out from the ATI AIW card tot he line in of the sound card and connect it externally. Will it affect the syn at all?

Thien - thienng

admin 07-07-2004 10:05 PM

Video quality should not be determined by the audio capture. Was MMC dropping frames because other software was running?

On the ATI card is a 3-pin AUX audio output. Inside the PC, on the card. A good audio card will have a 4-pin input, normally labeled AUX also, although it can vary, and there are a few (CD Audio, etc). Connect with that. The wire is may $1 and any PC store should have one.

The ATI card comes with two wiring bundles. One is black, about a foot long or less, and has SP/DIF and video output. On it is audio mini output. You can plug that back into a soundcard. I don't like that method, as I've seen it cause audio drift. I like internal wiring better. This is separate from the 3-foot long purple breakout box that has the RCA/composite/s-video inputs.

If MMC is not dropping frames, and you see quality issues, be sure you're following the guides on and thne go ahead and raise the bitrate up a bit. Follow the bell-curve graphs for quality on the AVI vs MPEG page.

thienng 07-23-2004 12:56 AM

Thank you very much
i ended up buying the external AV OUT adaptor whick allows me to connect to soundcard linein via standard 3.5 mm input.

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