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04-23-2016, 12:26 AM
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For sharpness in S-VHS capture, do I leave the following settings?
ATI USB-600 ProcAmp: Sharpness set to 0 (default is 2)?
AVT-8710 TBC: Sharpness left at default (middle-value? no + or -) ?
Panasonic AG-1980P: Sharpness slider in the middle (base value)?

VHS looks a *little* blurry at least w/ the ATI ProcAmp sharpness set to 0 (1 seems 'normal' to my eyes..but maybe I don't trust my eyes, but pros on a forum who've been doing this for years

The cap I already sent Sanlyn, msgohan said it was WAY oversharpened.
I found the settings were:
ATI USB: 1 sharpness
AVT-8710: +3 sharpness
Panasonic AG: sharpness slider at about 75% to max (3/4th's of the way to the right)

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04-23-2016, 01:11 AM
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ATI 600 USB = off
AVT-8710 = leave at default = off

Note that off = "unity" (video jargon) = 0 = none

The Panasonic oversharpens and has "ringing" (video jargon) aka halos. Turn it to the left by 2-3 notches. Since not all AG-1980Ps behave the same, you'll need to let your eyes be the judge.

That's where it should be most time. Only add sharpening when needed -- and it's not often needed. I need it maybe for 1 in 50 tapes.

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