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Mrwn 10-18-2016 06:09 AM

Analog capture card without loss quality
Hi Everyong.

I want get ATI 9800 pro capture card but have hard time getting AGP motherboard. My main purpose is transfer my analog VHS tapes to computer without loss quality or very little.

I have Pinnacle DV500 video card, before buying it I thought its perfect but I loss some quality when transferring to PC (I'll be happy if someone explain why), so I need alternative capture card. Now I don't want buy something new unless im sure its exactly im looking for.

I would like to ask:
What best options I have now?
Would you recommend any of these: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1265, Magewell, Aja Kona, Blackmagic Decklink?

My sources are: JVC vhs player with TBC and DNR option. And Panasonic DV player Pal. And Hi8 tapes.

And thank you for answering.

jtech1 02-21-2017 09:39 PM

Curious if you ever tried the Magewell card or any others?

pinto 02-23-2017 10:39 AM

Magewell of course.

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