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dalchina 10-19-2016 12:26 PM

Hauppage Capture - Advanced options missing
Win 10 Pro
Hauppauge PVR 1228
Hauppage Capture program - latest version
Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme

I'm just starting to use a laptop to capture VHS video from a Panasonic NV-F65 4 head recorder using a Hauppage PVR 1228.

The picture quality is acceptable, although there is a line along the bottom, slightly wider than the video itself, which I am told is some sort of head noise. (Not visible if I use an Easycap device, or on the TV).

1. In the Capture program the Advanced options only offers
Video Proc Amp

Video Scaler, Video Encoder and Audio Encoder (which are described in the manual) are not shown.
These offer many more options- I'm wondering why I don't see them.

2. mp4 format is saved by Capture as a 0 byte file. Any ideas how I can solve that? (Two other formats work, so not a major problem).
(If I use Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme, saving as mp4 is ok).

3. Whilst I have the option to route signals via a Panasonic DVD recorder DMR ES20D which I've seen suggested elsewhere for TBC, I think this may not achieve anything. Thoughts?

Many thanks!

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