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03-03-2017, 09:03 AM
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I have some movies that were recorded on a Panasonic PV-8000/PV-9600 and I am testing playback to see if the original deck offers a better image. The comparison deck is a Sony SVO-5800 with less than 300 hours. The goal is to use the least number of devices in the chain while maintaining the best quality.

The SVO-5800 has to have the TBC on in order for the card to capture. The SVO's TBC has stable playback on the Kona ouput to the Sony PVM monitor without a frame synch. The Panasonic PV-9600 however, does not have a stable output signal from the Kona to the Sony PVM unless I use a frame synch. If I do not add the Panasonic ES10 before the Leitch DPS-475 then the top of the image looks bent, so the ES10 or similar is a necessity but is there something better? The output from the PV-9600 plus the ES10 looks acceptable and captures well but do I really need to add the frame synch too? If so is it better to just use the SVO-5800 and then correct the color later?

The final video seems passable if I use the original source deck plus the DMR-ES10 but the component output from the Kona LHI to the Sony PVM-14L2 monitor suggests a time base correction issue? This issue is addressed in the attached videos by adding a Leitch DPS-475 frame synch. Is the DMR-ES10 the best line type time base corrector? Does adding any type of Frame synch, DPS-475 or For-A FA-125, TBC-1000, etc change the analog signal to digital so that the signal is digitized twice? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Do you think the SVO-5800 and it's time base corrector straight to the Kona LHI is a better capture option even though it seems to add some red to the images?

My capture chain is with two decks a Panasonic PV-9600 and a Sony SVO-5800, the PV-9600 has the audio going though a RDL unbalanced to balanced converter and the SVO-5800 is balanced audio out to a Kona LHI capture card. I noticed a slight red tint to the video in the SVO-5800, that can be reduced somewhat if I tweak the filters but for this test I turned all filters off. The colors on the PV-9600 do not have the red tint but the image looks a bright. The component input from the Kona Card goes to a PVM-14, and the playback image does not look stable unless I use the Leitch DPS-475 frame synch.

All of these attachments are captured using DVCPRO50.

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03-06-2017, 05:19 AM
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I've had my main Skylake system in use for over a year now, and it appears I cannot play or open .mov files. It's amazing how much the Quicktime format/wrapper has begun to disappear from common usage.

So I can't answer this right now.

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03-06-2017, 12:40 PM
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VLC Player will play anything. You can also run it from a zip file without installation:

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