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wbleigh 04-14-2017 05:24 PM

Video capture card recommendations?
I need some advice! I have a Sony DCR-VX2000 compact digital video camera that uses a firewire to download video to a computer. I installed a firewire pci board but even though it istalled correctly my computer does not recognize the camera. So I am looking at alternatives. My camera also has the rca jacks, one for audio and the l/r jacks. In addition the camera also has the Super video jack. So I am looking for a video capture card that would use either of these jacks. My searching has not been successful, either the card does not support my operating system or would not fit my motherboard. I am running Windows 10 and my motherboard uses express PCI slots. So I am turning to those out there who have ideas on video capture boards that would work in my system.

In addition, I see numerous external devices that reportedly capture video and uses the usb to connect to the computer. This seems questionable but if it works I would consider this option.

Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


sanlyn 04-14-2017 09:21 PM

You need a specific type of Firewire FW400 1394a adapter for transferring DV video. An adapter with the correct Texas Instruments chip is available from You also need specialized software for making the transfer from DV tape to computer DV-AVI, such as Scenalyzer ( Note that DV is an obsolete format, support for which has been diminishing for some time now that XP is no longer being sold.

Also note that DV source should be copied as direct 1:1 transfer via FireWire, never "captured" (re-encoded) via USB or analog capture cards.

wbleigh 04-14-2017 10:53 PM

That sounds like the problem. I will give it a shot. I know DV is obsolete but a lot of videographers still use it, and many have said they still prefer it. The price of the cameras have come down substantially so its worth the pains of getting a useful system. Thanks for the reply, it is very helpful.

lordsmurf 04-14-2017 10:54 PM

I've long been of the opinion that DV from a consumer DV camera looks fairly transparent to the source (ie, same as original DV stream) when captured via s-video. It's a lot more convenient.

Many, many times, I'd create a portable studio with my IPS-screen laptop, the Tevion card, sometimes a green AVT-8710 TBC (not needed for DV, only analog sources), and capture tapes on location from friends and family. I had something very similar for work needs as well. Note that I'm selling several USB cards in the marketplace, including a Tevion and ATI 600..

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