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Padawan 06-30-2017 01:04 AM

ATI All in Wonder 9200 - PAL?

A friend in the US can get me a brand new and sealed ATI All in Wonder 9200

But before I spend the money I was just wanting to confirm that these are not locked to NTSC (as we have Pal here in Australia).

I thought I read on this forum (I can't find it now) that there are specific PAL cards.

So would this card work for me for capturing PAL VHS to AVI using Virtualdub? I know the MMI software might not work.

My guess is yes but I don't want to cough up $200 for an expensive paperweight.



sanlyn 06-30-2017 06:49 PM

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The 9200 AIW AGP can be used for NTSC or PAL and can capture several formats. It's only the TV tuner that's specific to NTSC or PAL. If you are using Virtualdub for capture (which is the main reason for getting an AIW for analog source capture) you can select several source formats via composite or s-video. Check section 3 of the newer VDub capture guide and the VDub capture pin settings for input formats, which defaults to NTSC.

Padawan 06-30-2017 08:06 PM

Terrific thank you. Hopefully it is still available. Getting closer to a proper system now :)

Annnd yes!
Am the proud owner of a factory sealed new old stock ATI All in Wonder 9200.

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