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08-04-2017, 01:02 PM
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So I recently pulled out my ES10 and will be starting to digitize some VHS tapes.

I am trying to remember how to setup the passthrough for this model. I recall to connect to Line IN1 but should it be composite only? or S-Video? Should the Output be S-Video Only? Finally, disable DNR for ES10?

My current flow is a JVC SVHS player > ES10 > ATI600USB > Windows 10

I have an old vintage Vidimate no model number. Not sure if I should leave it out of the flow.

Anyone happen to know the passthrough setup?

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08-04-2017, 07:09 PM
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Why would you use ugly soiled noisy composite connections when you have cleaner sharper s-video available from your VCR and from your ES10? Use s-video. Turn off the ES10's DNR.

The ES10 is used as pass-thru if you have a VCR that doesn't have a line tbc. Are you sure you want to use the ES10? Doesn't your JVC SVHS machine have a line tbc? What model JVC are you using?

The old Vidicraft processor doesn't have s-video connections. For that very reason I wouldn't use it, as well as because of the aging conditions of electronics inside that ancient unit. It is basically used to control the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of an incoming signal to prevent illegal signal levels and clipping in your captured video. You can accomplish the same thing with the ATI 600's proc amp controls, which you should be able to use via your capture software, VirtualDub capture, or AmarecTV, as well as using a histogram of some sort to measure the input signal and view your results in preview. I assume you understand the importance of capturing analog video at suitable signal levels. If you expect to also apply color correction and/or sharpening during capture, you're in for severely disappointing results -- that's the kind of correction that should be applied in post-processing.
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08-10-2017, 06:07 PM
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Remember sanlyn, he's asking because he may not know the "easy" things like we do. (ie, s-video vs. composite)

ES10 passthrough is simple.
- s-video in to LINE 1 (on the back) works fine
- turn ES10 on, change to LINE 1 input
- rear output to the next item (external TBC or capture card)

It's pretty much automatic, nothing to setup.

If I remember correctly, the final models of Vidicraft gear had s-video, before being renamed to Studio1 (later again renamed to SignVideo). However, you can crossover with some TBCs, namely the AVT-8710. So you'd have:

VCR > via s-video > ES10 > via s-video > AVT-8710 > via composite > Vidicraft > via composite > capture card

Of course, you'll still encounter the quality loss. The disadvantages of the proc amp or detailer may be outweighed by the potential advantages. They usually are, but not always. The tape and your eyes will have to judge that.

Even with ES10, a good VCR is needed. But remember that if using an S-VHS deck with TBC that the TBC must be disabled. The ES10 needs to bad signal for cleaning. Let it and later TBCs in the workflow chain fix the signal and image.

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Originally Posted by lordsmurf View Post
Remember sanlyn, he's asking because he may not know the "easy" things like we do. (ie, s-video vs. composite)

ES10 passthrough is simple.
- s-video in to LINE 1 (on the back) works fine
What is LINE1? It is not S-Video, but SCART cable?
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05-22-2020, 10:26 AM
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What is LINE1? It is not S-Video, but SCART cable?
On my Australian version, Line 1 is through the top Scart socket on the back.
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