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09-07-2019, 08:06 AM
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Bogilein i have to see maby i do it

and i like FS200 captures best to

ATI TV Wonder 600 USB can not do 704x576 only 720x576

but ATI All in wonder 9000 i think it can do 704x576
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09-09-2019, 11:15 PM
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While it wasn't designed for consumer formats like VHS, in conjunction with an ES10/15 as passthrough it's a pretty solid set up.
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09-10-2019, 01:51 PM
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cbehr91 ok

Here is some capture with 704x576 on Ati9000 and i did a Test on a Test Pattern for 1.33:1 that i did find and i did capture it in 704x576 and 720x576 with ati all in wonder 9000 and it look that itīs best to capture in 720x576 with ati9000

i did use Ati9000 and Datavideo TBC-5000

Panasonic NV-HS930 = Internal TBC On & 3D DNR On Sharpen

Attached Images
File Type: png Pic1_HS930_Sharpen_704x576_ATI9000.png (687.3 KB, 3 downloads)
File Type: png Pic2_HS930_Sharpen_704x576_ATI9000.png (747.0 KB, 3 downloads)
File Type: png Test_Pattern1_HS930_Sharpen_704x576_Ati9000.png (503.2 KB, 3 downloads)
File Type: png Test_Pattern1_HS930_Sharpen_720x576_Ati9000.png (509.1 KB, 4 downloads)

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09-10-2019, 02:12 PM
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one more thing i did a capture with Matrox Marvel G400 tv but the capture is more interlaced than the capture with ati 9000

on the ati9000 i see only interlace lines on the sweden subtitle but not on the titanic movie vhs

but on the Matrox marvel capture i see everywhere interlace lines

but on some other vhs capture it was the opposite the ati9000 did have interlaced lines but not the matrox
but mediainfo do say they are interlaced

here is Matrox Marvel G400 tv capture pictures

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capture card, tbc

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