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steffen42 06-26-2018 05:13 PM

Feedback on first VHS capture samples
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I've been playing around with the capture setup I got from Lord Smurf (JVC SR-VS30, DV TBC-3000, ATI 600 USB) and would like a little feedback to see I'm doing things correctly. Two samples from the same tape, just different scenes. I used the Virtualdub histogram, and it showed just a little red on either end, so tweaked the brightness and contrast settings just a click or two from default values. Notice the distortion at the top of the screen in sample 2. I have this in several places in the capture file. If I recapture, the distortion(s) will change locations. Is there something I should be doing different, or should I make a few captures and the splice things together to get a clean copy?

Just taking baby steps at this point, want to make sure I get a good capture first, then I'll start playing with cleanup scripts. Thanks for the feedback.


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