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WojtusJ 10-26-2018 07:17 AM

Preview problem in VirtualDub while capturing VHS

I am having problems getting VirtualDub preview working on Windows 10 while capturing VHS. I can hear audio and I see a lot of fuzzy horizontal lines in the preview - I am not able to attach screenshot unfortunately, as it's apparently beyon screen clipping tool capability. On this video:
at 03:46 it looks similar, but in my case changing the video>overlay to video>preview doesn't help. What is strange is that when I pick Video > Cropping I can see a good preview. Also, when I capture the video is captured correctly, it's just the preview that is not working.

I have another instance of VirtualDub on my laptop with Windows 7, and there it's working fine. I have compared all the options I could, they're the same, so it must be something with computer/system. I have installed the latest version of K-Lite codecs. What else can I do?

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