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12-29-2018, 04:33 PM
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I have the chance of buying a TBC-2000 for 500, but can't seem to find any decent information about it...Is it considered a recommended TBC? The seller thought it was a more elaborate version of the TBC-1000, but in the TBC Buyer's Guide it says it's a 1990s version of the TBC-3000. I guess if it's any of these two, it will be a good TBC...

Now I have a Panasonic ES-10, so I'm just wondering if the TBC-2000 is a worthwile upgrade. What I read on this forum is that a real TBC is mandatory, and that the ES-10 can be used as a rescue for really bad tapes.

Thanks, any info is appreciated!
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12-30-2018, 09:29 PM
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The TBC-2000 is a pre-1999 "dual"-channel TBC with gen-lock, it was meant to support A/B roll editing or switching from A source to B source on command.

The later TBC-1000 was a "single"-channel TBC for enthusiasts and included a video distribution amplifier which did-not switch but simultaneously spread the same input signal out over four outputs.

The successor to the TBC-2000 was the TBC-3000 which was not-only a "dual"-channel TBC with gen-lock for A/B roll editing, but also has a processing amplifer (proc-amp).

This is the best summary of all except the TBC-2000 here the PDF files are still downloadable
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That was nostalgia for me. I remember that DataVideo site design.

In 2006, at DV Warehouse:
- TBC-100 $249
- TBC-1000 $349
- TBC-3000 $599
- TBC-4000 $1099
- TBC-6000 $900
- TBC-7000 $1499

But by 2010, the TBC-1000 was $475-550, with many vendors sold out. The TBC-100 was long out of production, and the TBC-3000 was about $750. Then the aftermarket/used was, and still is, all over the place. So realize these numbers are mostly for entertainment value now, trivia, nothing else.

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12-31-2018, 02:08 AM
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Nostalgic indeed

'Videomaker' had a review on the TBC-2000 way back in June 1998.

Datavideo TBC-2000 Time Base Corrector

There are two main purposes for owning a TBC: to synchronize two (or more) separate moving sources of video, and to clean up minute timing errors that occur during the duplication process. In the latter category, the TBC-2000 does not perform well enough to merit recommendation. The chief drawback of the TBC-2000 is the poor quality of the digitized image. Because it actually makes a digital copy of one full frame of video at a time, the quality of any TBC’s output corresponds directly to the quality of the still frames it captures. The quality of the still images on the TBC-2000 are noisy and grainy at best, and sometimes will have a tendency to break down into a jittery mess. The TBC-2000 provides brightness, contrast and color controls.
The only photos I could find on the web display the simple controls.

The TBC-100 and TBC-1000 had to be redesigned since they were single channel. The TBC-3000 also had to be redesigned because its proc amp controls were (digital not analog) so were revised. So comparing them to the TBC-2000 would probably not be accurate.

The TBC-2000 looks like it was meant to be partnered with the SE-200 for mechanical linear editing popular for that day. The later TBC-100 was advertised as designed to be convenient for partnering with video capture cards inside a PC to stabilize inherently unstable 'camcorder' video emerging on the market around year 2000. (This was before DV video and Firewire became popular for camcorder capture.) Then the TBC-100 card was put into the Video distribution cabinet to produce the TBC-1000. Then the TBC-3000 replaced the TBC-2000 with even more controls over each input channel. Both the TBC-100 and TBC-1000 were essentially the same PC card design with and without a cabinet and included NTSC or PAL-B autotect.

[My] opinion would be while this had its purpose back in 1998. It would be a poor substitute for a TBC-1000 or TBC-3000 today. And since TBC-100, 1000 or 3000 are hard to find, a DVD recorder pass-thru would not only be better suited, but probably preferable.

I have never seen a TBC-2000 compared to the TBC-100, 1000 or 3000 but the TBC-2000 was only on the market a couple years and quickly replaced with an updated model.

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01-03-2019, 02:47 AM
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Very helpful! Didn't buy it
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