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GreenAcres 01-02-2019 12:57 PM

All in Wonder VE card is AIW 7500?
I have an All in Wonder VE PCI graphics card that I installed in a computer running XP. I tried to install the driver listed on this site but XP would not accept that driver. I found the original installation disc that came in the card box and XP accepted that as a good driver. I noticed on the Wikipedia site that they list a All in Wonder Radeon 7500 AGP version but the PCI version is listed as an All in Wonder VE. The original box that my card came in says All in Wonder VE. I realize this may be a minor detail. I was just wondering if anyone actually has an All in Wonder Radeon 7500 PCI card? The real downside to all this is that I believe the All in Wonder VE will only run MMC 7.9.

jwillis84 01-10-2019 04:16 AM

I actually have the ATI All-In-Wonder VE.

I bought it from eBay years ago and it stayed shrink wrapped as it came from the store until a few months ago. It has 64 MB of memory. The ATI Theater Chip on the card "is" a Theater 200 and not the previous version. VE stood for Value Edition.

Be wary of trusting Wikipedia, that webpage hasn't been updated in years and it is not complete.. or completely consistent even within the page.

If you go looking for a 9000 series card to get the VideoSoap option in MMC. Be cautious and aware that some of the 9600 models do not have (any) monitor connector on the back. You have to use a special 24 pin breakout adapter to get the monitor connectors. The breakout adapter very often gets tossed and not included as part of the sale.

Not all of the 9600 models require this breakout adapter for monitor out, some models actually have monitor connectors on the card.

When your looking to buy a capture card like the AIW everyone knows to look for the purple colored "barney" connector and can easily overlook (a) needing the monitor connector breakout cable (b) that it is (not) included as part of the sale. You (cannot) substitute using a second video card to get monitor out and still use the AIW for capture.

As far as I now these are the models based on the same 9000 design:

9000, 9200, 9600XT, 9600, 9600PRO, 9700, 9800, 2006

The 2006 was a special one off card with double the RAM of all of the previous cards.

They were all made with DirectX 9.0 in mind, but started hitting the market with DirectX 8 and updated support to DirectX 9 in later years. And that was DirectX 9.0 or 9.0a with Windows XP SP2 (at most).

Within Windows XP there were basically four versions, XP, XP-SP1, XP-SP2, XP-SP3, these cards came out during the XP, XP-SP1 years but you really need XP-SP2 to support most of the hardware and technology familiar today.

XP-SP3 was almost a completely different Operating System adding on things like firewalls and support apps that brought the system to its knees.

MMC "kind of" corresponded to the version of DirectX it was designed to work with. MMC 7.x was designed with DirectX-7 in mind, but (in theory) would work with DirectX-8 and DirectX-9 (but) Microsoft went back on their support promise and actual support is "sketchy".. some things work, somethings.. not so much.

MMC 8.x was designed with DirectX-8 in mind, but works great with DirectX-9 and DirectX-9 came out with Windows XP so its a pretty good combination.

MMC 9.x was the last generation before the transition to "other apps" for bundling with ATI cards. And they started removing some features. Particular subversions can be "okay" with particular cards.

So MMC 8.x and MMC 9.x were bundled with the 9000 series cards (mostly).. although you can mix and match and find combinations that work. Because the underlying dependency on DirectX can also be shifted back and forth for various cards.

(example: 7500 card running DirectX9 with MMC 9.x is in theory "possible", but expect somethings not to work because the hardware simply doesn't have the circuits to make it work)

(example: 9800 card running DirectX9 with MMC 7.x is in theory "possible", but DirectX9 removed some DirectX7 features and things in MMC 7.x that require them will not work)

and... we shall not speak of the 8000 series (best pretend it never happened)

lordsmurf 01-10-2019 04:29 AM

The AIW VE 64mb PCI is the 7500.

These are actually pretty rare now, with maybe 1-2 per year showing up on eBay. I almost never see these cards.

Wikipedia is just a culmination of what people know, or what they think they know, and not an actual vetted source. Good for leads on facts, but not always the facts themselves. And I know for a fact that the ATI AIW information is incomplete, sometimes incorrect, even though it pretends otherwise.

I can't stress connectors enough. If it doesn't specifically state and show to come with all cables, then avoid any AIW card that doesn't have a VGA or DVI port. Because you'll be stuck with a "working" card that doesn't actually output anything you can see. Those cables are proprietary, and not available. But the PCI VE has VGA, so moot point for this specific topic.

I have the original discs that came with most AIW cards, including the VE PCI. I can upload the image if needed.

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