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03-04-2019, 12:16 PM
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I'm wondering what the benefits/drawbacks to using VirtualDub 2 instead of original?

And what is optimal for a 64bit OS?

I ran into issues testing out the 64bit VirtualDub2 trying to run AVIsynth+ 64bit... I'm assuming because the plug-ins I want to use are all 32 bit? Or should the 64 bit systems be able to run the 32 bit? I will post some error messages below.
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03-04-2019, 12:21 PM
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VirtualDub2 wasn't really made for capture in mind. And it has 1.10.x as the base.

1.10.x has issues with some filters, especially resize. That means you cannot use it to matte/crop video.

x64 require 64-bit everything: DLLs, drivers, etc. That means no capture. It can't even work with official Avisynth, just Avisynth x64 (which is far more limited, somewhat like Vapoursynth).

I use all of them, but for specific needs.

You put this post in the capture forum, but mentioned Avisynth. So you're not referring to capture? Or are you trying to use the same version for everything?

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