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Chanuka22 03-13-2019 08:57 AM

Digitizing VHS with VirtualDub, files too big, PAL standard?
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Hi guys,

So I'm new at VHS digitization. I have this older Lumatron DVCR2006 VHS/Combo player which I have connected with composit to a Diamond VC500 capturing device which is then connected to the USB port of my computer.

I understand that it might not be the greatest VHS player to use for digital encoding, but I'm hoping it will make due.

I have two questions really:

I have installed the Win10 driver for the VC500 capturing device and with it comes this software EZ Grabber. I guess I could just use that, as it works and keeps the file size quite small, but my understanding is that VirtualDub would be better. The problem I'm having with VirtualDub is that the files after VHS capture are very big. Direct Stream capture is a litte under 1 GB/minute, while if I compress it with Huffyuv it is about half of that. Still that comes to around 60 GB for a 2 hour VHS tape. Is that normal or is that too big? Another problem with using Huffyuv for me, is that it does something weird to the sound, so it's almost like the speach is higher pitch.

As I started out saying, I'm new to this, so I haven't really configured any settings in VirtualDub. This is what I have:
Device: 1 Conexant Polaris Video Capture (DirectShow). I'm guessing this is the VC500 device and its driver.
Audio: 0 Capture device
Video: Stretch to window
Noise reduction enabled

That's about it. I haven't configured any filters - don't really know what those are for, or what are suitable.

My other question relates to the PAL format. I'm located in Denmark, the VHS player is PAL and of the VHS tapes I want to convert, some of them are commercially produced in Europe and bought in Denmark. So I'm not quite sure what to choose as the Video Standard option in VirtualDub. I see a number of PAL options (B to N) and I see SECAM options. Some of the PAL options work and some of the SECAM options work, but obviously I want to choose the "correct" one, and the VHS tape doesn't give tell me anything about it.


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