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sodface 03-19-2019 09:36 PM

Tevion High Speed DVD Maker (Aldi) drivers?
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I'm not sure if the chips used in this device have been documented here in another thread, if so, I didn't see it specifically, just some speculation that it may or may not be the same as the ATI 600. I believe it is different. Here are some pics of the internals. The chips are:

Texas Instruments Ultralow-PowerNTSC/PAL/SECAMVideoDecoder

Empia EM2860:
USB Video Capture Device

Empia EMP202:
Single-Chip Dual-Channel AC'97 Audio Codec

Not sure what the 4th chip is but it looks like it says:

This device works under Windows 7 64bit, did not try Windows 10 (never upgraded any of my home machines). Shortly after I got it and before I even really used it under Windows I decided to switch all my machines over to Linux full time. Unfortunately I never got it to work under Linux despite several nights messing around with it.

I didn't take a box pic for whatever reason so I grabbed one from the web so you know what device I'm talking about. I've also since loaned the thing to a guy at work so I don't have it in my possession at the moment.

lordsmurf 03-19-2019 09:58 PM

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This is essentially an ATI 600 USB clone, but using generic eMPIA bridge drivers instead of the ATI custom drivers.

But you must be careful, as Tevion had no model numbers, shared UPCs. What you normally see sold are the non-TI chipset devices, so never buy from places like Amazon, or any eBay/Craigslist post using stock images. Not that it appears for sale much anyway. Sometimes a whole year can go buy, and I don't see one anywhere. I've written to Amazon sellers in the past, and they never respond.

I installed this on my Win8 and Win10 tablets last year, just to see if it would work. And it did. The drivers and audio are hackish, but I wrote instructions for it. You also need a specific driver, which isn't easy to find. (I'm not on my main video computer right now, so no access to any of it at this moment.)

Aldi sold it for $55 (with tax) at first, then quickly clearanced it out at $30. I bought several at both price points. That was more than 10 years ago.

I'm also pretty certain it was made only for Aldi, and that would make sense -- Tevion is a European brand, rebadging/cloning various electronics, and Aldi is of course the German discount grocery chain. While most stuff is from Batavia IL, they'd import quite a bit of things from Europe. It also explains the scarcity.

Update: Drivers attached! :)

Jtm732 11-27-2019 03:26 PM

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Hey lordsmurf,

I recently reformatted and lost the Windows 10 driver I was using. I can't find it, because I remember it was on some strange Asian ftp website. Would you happen to have the instructions / driver you used to get it to work? Thank you!

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Hello all,

So I fixed it, well sort of. So the issue wasn't so much with my drivers (though that was its own issue that I resolved independently) but more about VirtualDub and Windows 10. I'm using VirtualDub 2, but it still isn't always showing the preview. The older version didn't show any preview, but VirtualDub 2 did show my webcam preview so I assumed it was working fine. The problem was I would capture the video and still get black with the capture card, but with enough luck in choosing the right driver it seems to be capturing both audio / video fine despite not having a preview. Any recommendations around this?

As far as what I used to solve the problem it was the Vista x64 drivers from this zip:

I don't think this zip is easily accessible anymore as the ftp seems to be down, but I did back it up with a bunch of other drivers for this device a while back. What worked for me what manually updating the driver using the "have disk" option on the unknown device and selecting the Data\Vista_x64\emaudio64.inf file that is in the above zip then choosing the USB 2800 device from the list, however other options may work as well. See:

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This should install 2 devices: "USB 2800 Device" and "USB Audio Device", using them in VirtualDub or the software of your choice should work.

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