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05-14-2019, 08:10 PM
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I did an interesting experiment where I captured video using a good and crap vcr and "bad" and "better" cables (I know very subjective with groups "A", "B", etc.).

So the setup is:
Hauppauge USB Live-2 Capture Card
Windows 7 core i3 with 8gb of ram
Virtualdub with Huffyuv YUY2

VHS Recorded on a very old VCR in SLP mode in 1981 (Original copy)

Good Cables - Monster professional series S-Video and composite
Bad Cables - $2 amazon s-video & composite cables

1) Bad VCR (GOOD CABLE) - Old Toshiba VHR-5417 (with professional series composite monster cables)
2) Good VCR/TBC OFF/GOOD CABLE - Mistsubishi HS-HD2000U Professional series monster s-video & comp
3) Good VCR/TBC ON/GOOD CABLE - Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U Professional series monster s-video & comp
4) Good VCR/TBC ON/BAD CABLES - Mistsubishi HS-HD2000U $2 amazon cables

I thought it was amazing how a good vcr can dramatically improve the capture quality and the line TBC makes a noticeable difference in picture quality. Also how bad cables can negatively impact capture audio and video quality as well. I had a clicking and muffled sound with the bad cables. The better cables eliminated it completely. I know the pro's in this forum already know this, but I thought it might help some of the newbies like me

1) Bad VCR No TBC and monster cables
2) Good VCR/ TBC off/ Good Cables
3) Good VCR/ TBC On/ Bad Cables
4) Good VCR/ TBC On/ Bad Cables
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