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08-14-2019, 05:13 PM
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I’m currently in the process of digitising some old Hi8 tapes. I’ve done a couple successfully, but for some unknown reason, this one tape is being stubborn by giving an error during playback telling me to eject, then when I do the tape is still out on the reel. Already fixed it once, rather not have to do it again.

I think it has to be the tape at fault, rather than the camcorder (even though it’s a bit beat up from my brother using it for when he used to skateboard) but I tried other tapes afterwards and they play fine.

I would test on our other Hi8 camcorder, but we seem to be missing the other half of the power lead if you can believe it!

Please could I get some help?


PS I’ve attached an image of the tape tray of the camcorder in case there is something drastically wrong (still learning the ropes a bit)

EDIT After some investigation, it seems that the reels do not lock in place as I can rotate the reel for the beginning of the tape. Could this be what is causing the tape to not return to whence it came from, and if so, how would one go about fixing it?

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