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01-22-2020, 05:31 PM
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Is it still possible to purchase a license for an older version of Main Concept? I believe I read a post written by lordsmurf which indicated that these encoders had a sweetspot of sorts with respect to a certain version that was great for MPEG-2. I believe it was reference 1.6.?

Is it still possible to get a license for this now? I found some sources online via Google, but I'm not sure if they are legitimate.

Thanks in advance!
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01-22-2020, 05:36 PM
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MainConcept Reference/TotalCode (payware) versions 2/3 are fine. I ran into many bugs with v2 in Win7 x64, with certain codecs (Huffyuv especially), but eventually resolved it all (after months). After upgrade to v3, as well as more Lagarith use, no complaints here.

Avidemux (freeware) is the one that's locked to version 2.5.

No idea about older versions for sale, probably usual eBay/Amazon (and hope it's legit). Most companies don't keep selling older versions.

EDIT: Our autolinks are 404, this is current:

- TotalCode Studio Base: https://order.shareit.com/product?ve...teid=200090279 ($450)
- TotalCode Studio Broadcast: https://order.shareit.com/product?ve...teid=200090279 ($700)

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