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deter 02-01-2010 12:47 PM

Sony Vegas and Movie Edit Pro 15
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This is kind of crazy.

Here is what I am doing, I rip a DVD using VOB2MPG v3.

I used Movie Edit Pro 15 to make my edits, I than save the mpeg 2 file.

At this point my audio and video are in sync...I normally save it as interlaced bottom fields.

I than load it in to Vegas, crop the VHS picture so I can get rid of the bottom feed. Than save the file.

When I play the file back in window media player the audio and video are in sync

Load it back up in to Movie Edit Pro 15, to do boarder adjustments, now the Audio + Video are out of sync and the files don't match up.

What I mean by that....

If you load the film strip out.....

1 Source
2 Saved Vegas File

The frames do not match...

Must be doing something wrong....Sometimes it works perfect....

deter 02-01-2010 01:33 PM

I have this solved....I loaded the video in to vegas 1st and cropped the picture than in to Movie Edit. However I still can't figure out why this happens using the other method....

admin 02-04-2010 06:10 PM

It's either
  • (A) a Movie Edit Pro problem
  • (B) a problem with the recorded audio on the DVD recorder*
  • (C) some sort of MPEG input problem in Vegas

* Note that many old Panasonic DVD recorders (pre ES series machines) would create faulty AC3. I've seen this in varying devices through the year. It's one reason I use Womble products, and then it's why I'll sometimes have to re-encode the audio stream (either to MP2, or another AC3 bitrate in the Womble "DVD" versions).

I need to write an article on this too, sometime in the near future. So many things to write.

deter 02-04-2010 06:57 PM

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I think the problem is in Sony Vegas. I tried the same method creating AVI files, and at the bottom of the pic it leaves a green line. This line was never in the picture......However the file is in sync.

The problem is all this interlacing and non-iterlacing to save the files.

However if I save a file in Movie Edit and than save the same file in Vegas the file size are smaller in Vegas. Sometimes it cuts a few seconds off the back end.

All my videos are in sync to begin with...

I don't like Vegas. I use it 2 cut/crop the VHS picture for online viewing. I tried it in Virtual Dub, the cropping in Vegas is better.

I just downloaded Virtual Dub filters for movie edit. Haven't tested them yet. I actually like this program for some reason. It has a cool sound mixing studio in the program itself....

admin 02-12-2010 12:41 PM

Cropping in VirtualDub should be the same as Vegas or anything else. It's hard to screw up cropping. Maybe the lower quality lies in other areas, such as deinterlacing?

That green area appears to be overscan-area visual noise that crept into the black-matted video for few frames. I'm not entirely clear what you've done so far, what you're doing, what you're trying to do, and whether that black border was image or not.

deter 02-12-2010 12:56 PM

Here is the bigger problem. When I rip the DVD's to the PC using VOB2MPG v3, the mpeg2 videos looks fine. Once I put them in Vegas to crop and save the file it loses a lot of quality. If I save the file to AVI, the soundtrack doesn't work. Since the frames don't ever match up with Vegas, if I replace the soundtrack with the original file, it goes out of sync.

Why do the videos need to be cropped? Sometimes it has bad tracking at the bottom of the screen, enough to drive u nuts, and for online viewing.

I just used virtualdub and created a massive file, used some filters it looked fine on the PC, but when it was burned back to DVD, the motion was horrible.

admin 02-12-2010 01:13 PM

NLE's like Vegas and Premiere are awful at handling MPEG-2 input. Some of your import/project settings may be wrong (interlacing, frame size, etc). I always convert video to lossless HuffYUV or uncompressed AVI, if I need to edit it extensively.

I use Womble MPEG editing products for basic cut/splice/re-arrange.

You need to crop videos for online viewing, but not for a TV set. A good TV (including HDTVs) will hide the overscan. Even pillarboxed 4:3 on a 16:9 screen knows to chop off about 16 pixels or more from left and right sides.


used some filters
Some filters don't play nice with interlaced video. Many of them have documentation or on-screen notes mentioning this. Some don't. Feel free to list the filters you're using, if you want advice.

deter 02-12-2010 02:08 PM

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Yes I do need to chop some of the videos to view on my TV. Only on a handful of the VHS tapes does the scan lines (tracking) go over and in to the picture. The lines are small but u can still see them...Messed around with the tracking it doesn't help....These are old tapes, I think they were recorded on a Panasonic player back in the day.......

This doesn't happen with the AG1980, however with the JVC player it does...If you look close, at your AG1980 and JVC desks, the playback of the picture, will be different on your TV.

This was what I was working on today actually...

I want the picture to be almost the same, so I need to figure out how to only chop off the bottom and what % that I need to do this. I don't want a zoomed picture. I have an idea that may work. You can adjust this in movie edit. I will do 1 or 2% on the top and that is it. It should move the scans lines off the TV screen.

What format in Vegas do I use to create HuffYUV ?

It doesn't give u a lot of options to save the file...

I need to be able to crop these videos, with very little quality loss, I don't care what program I use, except VirtualDub, because the files are big. All I am doing is cropping out the VHS scan lines......

The filters I used are the ones you gave me in the other post. Temporal Cleaner...I think I used 2d Cleaner also...

admin 02-12-2010 02:29 PM

You misunderstand. I give an NLE the lossless or uncompressed AVI, I don't make it in the NLE. Your NLE is Vegas, mine is Premiere. Different program, same principals. Convert the video to lossless/uncompressed in VirtualDub.

All VCRs display the image in slightly different positions, yes.

When masking or cropping interlaced video, move 2 pixels at a time, not 1 pixel.

Sometimes tapes are recorded badly. In VirtualDub, you have to add a resize filter (do nothing for now), then "crop" the bad parts (2 pixels at a time!), and then go set the resize filter to "Letterbox/crop to size" for the full resolution pre-crop (720x480, for example). This re-centers the remaining "good picture" and then fills out with a black frame (the mask/matte).

To deinterlace for your stream, use the Yadif deinterlace option under the deinterlace filters in VirtualDub.

Give Vegas a pre-deinterlaced, pre-cropped AVI, and let it make the Youtube-ready streams (H.264 and/or FLV) from there.

deter 02-12-2010 03:41 PM

Ok, so you are saying the problem is in the way the video is being put in to the program.....

I dont create H.264 and/or FLV files...Never have....

These are my steps....Granted they could change....

I record the video to the MV5....

I than have it on DVD. I don't edit the film at all during recording. I than use VOB2MPG v3 to rip the DVD. I now have 2 hours or 3 hours worth of material.

(The ripped DVD than goes in to the trash)

Now it is time to cut the film. Pull out commercial, fix bad frames, do my edits. Want the end product to run perfect no 1 second flashes or part of a commercial or whatever. Clean the film, fix the sound (Actually loaded the VirtualDub Filters in to MovieEdit)

Than send it back to DVD.......

Now if I want to cut that film for YouTube or online videos, I rip the new DVD back to my PC...

Load up in Vegas, crop the picture....export the file....

Back in to MovieEdit, cut the chapters up or do what ever than use my trademark boarder adjustment of the video...Everything is cropped to look like PAL format...2% from Top & Bottom 5% Left & Right.

It is because I want everything to look the same, and 1/3 of my videos are PAL anyway..


admin 02-17-2010 11:37 AM

I would use DVD-RW, or hang onto the DVD-R (not trash it) until after you're sure the project is good. More than once I've had to re-capture something, having erased the RW or trashed the R. Oops.

You'd actually want to crop everything 4x3 (DAR) or 3x2 (SAR 720x480) -- you change the aspect ratio by doing odd resize.


Load up in Vegas, crop the picture....export the file....

Back in to MovieEdit, cut the chapters up or do what ever than use my trademark boarder adjustment of the video...Everything is cropped to look like PAL format...2% from Top & Bottom 5% Left & Right.
Load it in VirtualDub, deinterlace it with Yadif, run some kind of NR, crop as you want it, and then save as lossless/uncompressed AVI. Can even cut into segments in VirtualDub.

Forget Vegas here, wrong tool. (It works, but is inferior for this task.) Only use if fancy editing with effects.

Web videos don't usually do chapters.

Save as web-ready video. Vegas full version has decent exporter on newest versions, for H.264 (MPEG-4) or FLV. At least I think it does (I use Premiere CS3/CS4 and MainConcept Reference).


cut that film for YouTube or online videos,
You must use a progressive format, and the videos will be H.264, FLV, WMV or QT in most all cases. If you're not doing it, the machine online most certainly is. Some sites let you upload a video with no conversion (better quality!) if you encode it to proper specs.

deter 02-17-2010 12:20 PM

Sorry that I didn't update this post....

Since I have gotten rid of Vegas....

I figured out a way to crop the video in Movie Edit.....The quality seems to be better than before..

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