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admin 06-27-2010 04:14 PM

Have some .mpg and .mpeg files, how do I convert to dvd player format?
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Alos I have a couple of disks that are .mpg and .mpeg, they play on win. media player, how do I convert to dvd player format, I can't figure out how to convert or save as an .iso in decrypter, can you explaine what I need to do?
Assuming the MPEG files are to DVD specs:
  • Resolutions of 352x240, 352x480, 704x480, 720x480 (NTSC)
  • Bitrate of no more than 9800kbps or 10080kbps max
  • AC3 Dolby Digital, PCM uncompressed or MPEG Layer II audio
  • Will fit on a 4.38GB DVD-R/DVD+R, or 7.95GB DVD+R DL
The videos simply need to be authored.

You can verify the bitrate, resolution, framerate, etc using the video analyzer program Gspot.
It's explained about halfway down this page:

You'll need authoring software. I suggest either:
Ulead DVDWS2 is on an insane discount right now, and it's pro-grade software. It's really not too hard to use, and there's a guide for using Ulead DVD Workshop 2 on this site.

TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 (formerly TMPGEnc DVD Author 1-3) is lower quality consumer software, and it's being sold at a normal price. But it's easy to use. It's also the best solution for making menu-less discs -- something DVDWS2 doesn't really do. (One of the ONLY things DVDWS2 doesn't do!) This is why I have and use both.

TAW4 has a 14-day trial available. I don't know if it's fully functional, but you may be anle to squeak by without buying anything. However, I'd still suggest buying DVD Authoring software -- you're going to need it eventually. Get it while it's available, and the prices are still reasonable. (Mostly because it's still available! These won't be around forever.)


After the videos are authored, burn the VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS folders with "build" mode in a current version of ImgBurn. The new wizard will ask you something basic when the program first opens, and there's an option to "burn files/folders to disc" (build mode). Then be sure it's set to UDF 1.02 and ISO, with no Joliet. It should do that by default, but I always check. It knows when you're trying to make a DVD-Video disc, thanks to smart coding by LightningUK!

I've covered this in past posts on the forum. If you need more help, do a quick search for those posts. If you can't find it, or still need help, just reply here and I can go over it again.

Hope that helps you understand it all better. :)

... Or...

If the MPEG files are not DVD-Video ready, then they'll have to be re-encoded. There are quite a few ways to do this. Some methods work to maintain the best quality possible, although more software is involved. Other methods will use one program, but at the cost of video quality.

The best "one program" method out there, which still maintains pretty good quality, is VSO ConvertXToDVD.

I'd rather not go into the lengthy conversation of longer methods (that yield higher quality), if it's not necessary right now. If you do end up needing to re-encode all the MPEG files to DVD-Video specs, and want to use the high quality multi-program methods, then let me know, and I can cover it.

Does this all make sense? I know it can get complicated, but it's an easy question that can have many answers, so it try to cover everything real quick.

Let me know. :)

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