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admin 09-04-2010 10:04 AM

Convert audio cassettes directly to CD's, without computer?
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Welcome to the site. Please ask all tech questions in the forum. Thanks!

NOTE: To those who may notice this question was asked in a DVD/video related forum: Yes, while this is not technically a "DVD Project" question, this conversion sub-forum is probably the best place to ask (and receive answers for) this type of issue.


I am looking for a unit that will convert audio cassettes directly to CD's. I do not want to upload the cassette to my computer & then burn a CD. If you know of such a unit please let me know what they are called, who makes them & where to get them.
Although I would generally suggest computers as the best way to convert records and tapes to CDs, I do understand the desire to do it computer-free.

Few options exist.

However, the Crosley family of record/tape players do a nice job of it. I have one of these myself, in fact! Great machine, best $400 gift I ever asked for.

This model is right at $300, and should work well:
And if you want to look at others, here those are:
Notice that Victoria and Pyle competitors are there, too, and those are also fine.

You may notice some negative reviews on some of these. Looking at the complaints, most of them are simply due to a lack of reading the instruction book for how to operate the machines. So please don't let somebody else's stupidity influence your shopping decision.

Best of all, these are beautiful players for the home, with a nice wooden finish.

You won't find too many other options, and nothing will be under $100 (few are under $200, most are in $300-400 range). The reason for this is that the machines are basically mini-computers, but without being "a computer" by most definitions. You'd operate it like any other standard device, like a VCR or old-fashioned stereo.

Again, welcome to this site, hope you find this advice helpful. :)

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