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admin 12-09-2009 06:07 PM

Huffyuv and Premiere CS4 is not working
from e-mail...

I installed Huffyuv and Premiere CS4 is not able to injest the video, only the sound. Please advise.
As proof of concept, install VirtualDub from here -- -- and then open the AVI file. See if that works.

If it does, then you can save a new AVI as an uncompressed YUY2 (YCrCb) AVI, and there won't be any loss in quality. It's not recompression, it's extraction to uncompressed format. Premiere CS4 should load that one just fine. Uncompressed video is 75GB/hour on average.

There is really no reason CS4 should have issues with HuffYUV. I don't have issues in CS3. Is this 64-bit OS? Maybe HuffYUV didn't install correctly?

Rebooting after install is also required, in many cases. Premiere and Windows can't see the new codec if they're already running.

Let me know how that goes. :)

If you don't mind, sign up in the forum, and we can continue the technical support issues here. Thanks!

admin 03-02-2010 12:00 AM

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Also try a 64-bit built of ffdshow.
Those are available at
For convenience, I've attached the latest version (2/26/2010).

Another option is to try the 64-bit version of HuffYUV aka HuffYUV64
Also attached.

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