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geekfemme 06-29-2006 12:50 PM

VOB file time frame wrong in Arcsoft preview!@!
So I have this Arcsoft Showbiz DVD which I use to transfer VHS to MEPG2, cut, edit & burn it to DVD.
Works great.
I can even transfer VOB files from official DVD, cut & edit it, & change it to MPEG2 (which I use for things like animated gifs n stuff, no copying!).

However, whenever I transfer almost any DVD that was made from someone's DVD recorder (TV show), and open in in Showbiz, it shows like the whole file is only 50 seconds (although it is the whole huge thing, but the clip info shows only 50 seconds too), and when dragging forward in preview screen all you see is first 50 seconds, but when dragging back you see the whole file, but can't edit it at all (because forward is only 50 seconds).

I read a help file somewhere on the net, and it said the time stamp was off, and I'd need to use this program to split it (resetting the time stamp), and remerge with tmpgenc. Or I can just open it with tmpgenc and completely re-do which takes about an hour or more.
However, I can't afford the full tmpgenc right now (I can barely afford the DVDr recorder).

But the thing is, I'm planning on getting a DVDr recorder (this a good one? but if I can't just plop each one on my computer, if I have to completely re-author it just to be able to cut it on my SHowbiz, I'd be better off keeping with the old VHS which would be less trouble. Or maybe the above DVDr won't have the time stamp problem? Arcsoft does alot of things, but only has a very few settings you can change, and nothing that applies to this problem.

Anyone else heard of this issue and have a time-free (and hopefully inexpensive) way of fixing it?
If I could be assured the VOB files would have the correct time stamp on the Panasonic, so they would show real-time on the Arcsoft, it wouldn't be much of an issue, but I still can't fix or edit other peoples burned discs.[xx(]

Or am I the only one with a unique and frustrating problem, as usual.:D

markatisu 06-29-2006 01:32 PM

the time stamp/time code/break is going to be on all DVD recorders. Its a common issue but most people dont have to deal with it because that is fixed when you demux the file or edit it in something like mpgvcr.

LS can help you more specifically, I could as well but I use a Mac for almost all this so my help would be useless.

I will say one thing, you DONT need the "Full" version of TMPGEnc to do a demux and multiplex. The Tools feature of the trial version of TMPGEnc will do it fine for free. You DO NOT NEED TO RE-ENCODE (Or as you say redub) it unless you are making modifications to the file like resizing it or adding image filters. If you are just needing to get the time code thing taken care of you can do it for free!

lordsmurf 06-29-2006 03:09 PM

Basically, as much as you may be attached to this Showbiz software, you're going about things all wrong. I actually have my doubts that you're not re-encoding and losing quality from what you do now. Not to mention that I would be surprised if it did properly interlaced video. Once upon a time, some years back (this is old software you're using), I was more familiar with Arcsoft and not only was I not impressed, I was sort of digusted.

What you should be doing requires far less work, a few easy-to-use separate programs for each task (extract video from DVD, edit, author, burn).

I have a free and fairly easy method for you to do what you want, and even improve on your current process. E-mail me about it, however.

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