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04-29-2019, 02:07 AM
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Hi All,

First of all I appreciate audio doesn't have an FPS, but I've come across a problem and wondered if anyone has a solution?

I've got two blu rays of the same movie, the first is 23.976 FPS, 1080p video and DTS MA 5.1 audio. The second is 25 fps, 1080i video and DTS MA 7.1 audio. What I want to achieve is 1080p video with DTS MA 7.1 audio, however due to the FPS difference the audio and video are different lengths.

I really want to keep the video 23.976 FPS so it is compatible with most North American Blu Ray players, plus I want the maximum quality without downconverting anything. I know of a few programs that can stretch/shrink audio, for example MeGui can do it and adjust the pitch correctly for 25 FPS > 23.976 FPS, but it converts the DTS MA to AC3 which I don't want. Does anyone know how I can do this and retain the DTS MA 7.1 audio?

I don't really know much about DTS but I've read about splitting a file into wav's (in this scenario 8 separate files) - could I do that, adjust the length of each WAV and then rebuild the DTS file maybe? Or is there a program I'm not familiar with that can easily do this? Or should I just give up and stick with the DTS MA 5.1 Audio?

My end goal is to make a new blu ray, as above with maximum quality on both the video and audio.

Many thanks in advance.
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