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DEAGS1978 09-15-2019 10:14 AM

Installing Windows XP
I bought a vintage Sony Vaio PCV-RS520 Desktop Pentium4 HT 3 GHz 2 GB RAM with Windows 7 ultimate for VHS transfer. The specs on it include ATI 9800 all-in-wonder. I've read Lord Smurf's posts in the past and the the advice that I was getting is that I need Windows XP for proper VHS capture. There are several different versions of it online, Home, Professional and Media Edition. So, which one should I be looking at? Thanks!:)

Sergei316 09-15-2019 11:50 AM

XP Pro SP2 is the reccommended OS for capturing with VirtualDub.

DEAGS1978 09-17-2019 09:34 PM

I also have ATI All-In-Wonder 9000. The box says Directx 8.1 Do I need to install Directx 8.1 or is the current Directx 9 that I have installed good to go?

jwillis84 09-18-2019 12:17 AM

DirectX 8.1 was for XP SP0 and XP SP1
DirectX 9.0 was for XP SP2

The device driver disc for the ATI AIW 9000 should install properly only on XP SP0 and XP SP1

For various reasons its best to install the device driver disk and all applications that come on the driver disc while running XP SP1 (preferrably the "pre-Oracle" lawsuit SP1) SP1 was replaced by SP1a which had problems.

After the device drivers have been installed, you can backup the system to make sure you can restore without having to start all over using an hard disk imaging tool like Macrium Reflect.

Then you can proceed to install the SP2 update, and DirectX 9.0c if you like.

VirtualDub is preferred when capturing Uncompressed video, planning to edit and compress it later.

ATI MMC is preferred when capturing Compressed video, not planning to edit and "re"-compress it later.

You (can) get away with mixing and matching device drivers, and applications in many ways.. but there are a million variables.

Its generally best to start from a known position that others, like ATI, had already tested before releasing it to the market.

The same advice does not apply for the ATI AIW 9800 that is a much newer card that came years after the 9000 and four versions of XP later. Its driver discs will install correctly on a different version of XP + SP0, SP1, SP1a, SP2, SP3, SP4 and will have a different ATI application for producing compressed captured video.. if you do not want to capture uncompressed video.

The capture chip Theater 200 is the same, but many things on the cards changed over the years and required specific device drivers to start them up.

Stay far away from XP x64 and Windows server 2003 the 64 bit versions of XP were stillborn and removed from the market years before XP 32 bit reached end of life. The 64 bit versions never received the same full feature sets before they were cancelled. The Windows server 2003 version used a slightly different device driver model and made it virtually incompatible with much hardware that worked just fine under XP 32 bit.

For the same reasons stay clear of XP Windows Home Server and XP Media Center Edition. Stick to the middle of the road, if there is a choice between Home edition or Professional.. your usually better off with Home edition because its less noisy CPU "wise" and easier on memory.. don't trick it out with Office and try to make it a NAS.. use it like a dedicated appliance. The difference between Home and Professional is minimal when used as a capture box only, simply do not plan to use it as a network server.. keep it off a network if you can.

Finally.. remember XP does not support GPT boot disks, and is generally limited to 2 TB of disk space. That can be hard without going the SSD or mSATA route. All the more reason to have good boot disk image backups. The capture disk should be a separate hard disk, which can be chunked up into 2 TB partitions, depending on what your MBR BIOS supports.. no UEFI.. that was relatively thousands of years in the future.

DEAGS1978 09-19-2019 02:17 AM

XP format
what do you mean by (preferrably the "pre-Oracle" lawsuit SP1)?

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