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10-08-2019, 11:25 PM
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My source has those horizontal greenish bar discolorations that are probably pretty common with lower-quality playback equipment -- in my case they're pretty subtle, and you won't see them if you don't know where to look, but once you know they're there you can't un-see them. (UToY() is also very telling.) I thought I was fine with it, but OCD finally got the better of me and I decided to to see what I could do about it.

So I've been experimenting with Camcorder Color Denoise and I'm interested in knowing

- Exactly what it's doing -- looking at the resulting chroma and levels it appears to be edge detection + spatial denoise with some kind of anti-yellow filtering. Is this correct?

- How do I use this? Obviously I can just eyeball it and move the slider until the discolorations are gone... but how do I know if I've moved it too far? Which side of the Threshold slider should I err on, low or high? Is this something that the Show Noise option can help determine? What does this Threshold value even mean?

From what I've found so far it's doing exactly what I need it to, but I'd like to know that I'm going about it the right way. There doesn't seem to be any real discussion about the ins and outs of this plugin anywhere at a depth further than, "I use it and you should too." and nor does there seem to be any real documentation (that's written in a language I can read).

For those that use it, I'm interested in knowing your process. Thanks.
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I don't always think about how/why filters works, as it's secondary to it simply working. I'm a user of filters, rarely a programmer (and even then, generally in reverse engineering).

It seems to be aware of colors, sensing overlap of black/white edge pixels (color bleeding), as well as errant noise (temporal averaging).

I don't see what you mean about flicker or yellow.

Start at default 50%. That's generally best. Less rarely ideal. More can blur and actually lose true color, so be careful. Yes, eyeball it.

"Show noise" should always be looked at.

You'll find most VirtualDub and Avisynth filters have pathetic documentation, if any at all. Avisynth is actually worse than VirtualDub. This is something I've griped about for 15 years now, sometimes pissing off fanboys and even the filter devs. It's often shrugged off as "the dev made the filter for himself, be lucky he shared it", which is just a cop-out excuse. Some filters are entirely indecipherable, and thus rarely mentioned, never used. So in terms of "what does this filter do, exactly?", it's like the Tootsie Pop commercial: the world will never know!

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