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nevs 09-02-2020 11:08 AM

Hi8/Video8 Issues - Bottom lines and right hand side colour distortion
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I am capturing Hi8/Video 8 tapes, lossless in virtualdub 1.9.11.

Apart from a washed-out colour saturation (apparently a common issue with Sony DCR-TRV range) which I will correct post capture using filters etc, I am seeing two small issues with the capture quality:

1. I am getting lines at the bottom which are blurred horizontally (see picture) - is this head switching noise? or a dirty head? or just the way it is? As itís in the overscan area, so I guess I can crop out but would be good if I could remove.

See Issue 1 attachment picture.

2. To the right of the picture, I am getting a vertical bar whereby the colours are distorted green/pink. What would be causing this?

See Issue 2 attachment picture.

Thank you.

hodgey 09-02-2020 03:47 PM

The lines at the bottom are head switching noise, it's an inherent part of most analog videotape formats.

The chroma issue on the right is something you get on all newer PAL Sony Hi8 and Digital8 camcorders with Hi8 playback do when playing back analog PAL tapes, though the quality is otherwise very good, and the TBC is great, so I see it as a tradeoff. Not sure about the lower end video8 only camcorders from the same era, though I know some Sony Hi8 VCRs have a similar issue on other sides of the image on playback.

nevs 09-03-2020 03:39 AM

Thank you for your help.

I also tested using the DV output (using analogue tape) and Windv and still got the chroma line issue so must be a camera issue.

nevs 09-03-2020 09:13 AM

I forgot to ask, do you know of any VD filters that will remove this colour distortion at the right hand edge?

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