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09-20-2020, 09:33 AM
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I have transferred some pal DV tapes via firewire using Windv.

The 720x576 DV AVI files are fine and look good at 25i or 25p with on the go deinterlacing when played in VLC.

I have used QTGMC (forced BFF as dv) to bob deinterlace to 50p using the medium preset (also tried fast preset), and then encoding to mp4 format.

The problem I have is the motion of the footage especially when moving the camera, looks to much blur, aliasing, and generally looks far too quick/sped up.

I did the same deinterlacing process for lossless huffyuv captures and I didn't get this issue at all...

Does anyone know of any fixes or can I deinterlace even/odd with QTGMC for 25p (i know i will loose 50% etc) but footage doesnt seem natural at 50p.

Thank you.
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