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10-02-2020, 12:12 PM
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I recently picked up an AVTool AVT-8120 off eBay (a Lordsmurf special another DigitalFAQ'er wasn't using anymore*). My other TBC is a TVOne 1T-TBC-GL that I suspect is too new to really do quality conversions, although all it does is freak out on JVC menus. I've never had any frame sticking that plagues the black 8710s. Anyway, I noticed a stark difference between Hi8 captures using the two TBCs. Obviously the AVT-8120 is composite only, but I didn't think it would make that much of a difference. See for yourself in the short attached clip. The AVT-8120 sample is first followed by the 1T-TBC-GL (S-Video).

The hardware: Sony CCD-TRV85 (TBC On, DNR On) > the aforementioned TBCs > ATI 600 USB. The software used was, of course, Virtualdub.

PS: Despite several attempts the AVT-8120's image always looks brighter despite the video levels barely going into the red in Virtualdub's histogram. I have the AVT-8120's brightness setting at -7 (Lordsmurf's documentation recommends anywhere from -1 to -8). Although the image from the AVT-8120 looks less noisy, I noticed some moire rainbows around some edges while the camera is panning.

*To the digitalFAQ'er who was selling your AVT-8120 on eBay: If you see this I'm the guy in Ohio who bought it. Got it yesterday! Thanks!

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File Type: avi AVT8120 test composite then 1T-TBC-GL.avi (97.80 MB, 12 downloads)
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10-19-2020, 06:27 AM
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Can you do a side-by-side with Avisynth? That would help.

I'm actually not seeing much of a difference whatsoever. Maybe I'd see different in side-by-side?

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