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11-21-2020, 05:33 PM
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Hello all, I have question when it comes to sound restoration. So far from these 3 posts:

An Example of VHS Audio Restoration (JBB)

SoundForge Audio Filter Presets Pack [DOWNLOAD] and


I have learned and restored ( not to perfection but as good as i could ) all tapes i had so far, but i dont know how to deal with this. Usually there is 1 noise that stretches true entire video and fix for that is not hard. But this one is not 100% through video and it only comes in parts where someone is talking or singing or something and i cant isolate it or find a filter that will remove it. I work in Sound forge pro 10.0 and audacity 2.3.3 and all i know from audio restoration comes from that 3 posts ( links above ). I will put sample in attachment ( wav and mp3 format ), if anyone has any idea how to solve/remove the noise please share

p.s. sound is very quiet but when noise kicks in it rise in volume.

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11-21-2020, 07:19 PM
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Recorded on your sample tape are two soundtracks of the same audio. One track is called Linear. The other is called HiFi Stereo. Your VCR is switching between them. This is a common problem.

The louder one sounds like it is not being reproduced clearly. That probably explains the strange pulsing noises in it, and why it is dropping out. Often with these tapes the first sign of a poor tape playback is when the HiFi Stereo soundtrack starts making noises. Sometimes just playing the tape in a very good deck will give a much better result. Sometimes cleaning the decks' tape path properly is enough. In my service work I clean a lot of tape paths!

You could try in your editing program to match the gains and EQ's of the tracks. But it's probably better to go back and recapture the tape. Some VCR's allow you to select (probably from the remote) something like "audio monitor" or "audio playback". It may be a button on the remote or appears in a menu. The choices are usually Stereo, Left , Right or the linear track. The quieter Linear track is at lower quality but it will not drop out. If you cant get the HiFi track to play well probably you should use the linear track.

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