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11-21-2020, 05:33 PM
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Hello all, I have question when it comes to sound restoration. So far from these 3 posts:

An Example of VHS Audio Restoration (JBB)

SoundForge Audio Filter Presets Pack [DOWNLOAD] and


I have learned and restored ( not to perfection but as good as i could ) all tapes i had so far, but i dont know how to deal with this. Usually there is 1 noise that stretches true entire video and fix for that is not hard. But this one is not 100% through video and it only comes in parts where someone is talking or singing or something and i cant isolate it or find a filter that will remove it. I work in Sound forge pro 10.0 and audacity 2.3.3 and all i know from audio restoration comes from that 3 posts ( links above ). I will put sample in attachment ( wav and mp3 format ), if anyone has any idea how to solve/remove the noise please share

p.s. sound is very quiet but when noise kicks in it rise in volume.

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11-21-2020, 07:19 PM
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Recorded on your sample tape are two soundtracks of the same audio. One track is called Linear. The other is called HiFi Stereo. Your VCR is switching between them. This is a common problem.

The louder one sounds like it is not being reproduced clearly. That probably explains the strange pulsing noises in it, and why it is dropping out. Often with these tapes the first sign of a poor tape playback is when the HiFi Stereo soundtrack starts making noises. Sometimes just playing the tape in a very good deck will give a much better result. Sometimes cleaning the decks' tape path properly is enough. In my service work I clean a lot of tape paths!

You could try in your editing program to match the gains and EQ's of the tracks. But it's probably better to go back and recapture the tape. Some VCR's allow you to select (probably from the remote) something like "audio monitor" or "audio playback". It may be a button on the remote or appears in a menu. The choices are usually Stereo, Left , Right or the linear track. The quieter Linear track is at lower quality but it will not drop out. If you cant get the HiFi track to play well probably you should use the linear track.

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12-08-2020, 10:23 PM
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Hello, thank you for a reply. I was busy with something so i didnt answered before. I posted 2 soundtracks, 2 different audio samples. I just place them in wav and mp3 format, so if you cant play wav on your pc then I was sure that you can play mp3. Problem is that its not a common hiss noise or something that i have met before. This is first noise that i have problem with. My VCR is JVC SR-V10E S-VHS VCR with line TBC and i can see it says HI-FI on him. Unfortunately I dont have another VCR, this is only good one I have. Sound cables goes directly from VCR to capture card. I can try maybe VCR > TBC > CAPTURE CARD. Maybe TBC would make it better but still i dont have problem with other tapes and audio sync is perfect when it goes directly from VCR to capture card. When you were talking about '' tape path '' are you talking about literally tape path? Because when i opened VCR everything looks clean, i buyed him from lordsmurf not even a year ago and i think that he cleaned it for me. But to be sure I cleaned him little by my selfe ( whole tape path ). I know exactly which part '' reads '' sound from VCR, i cleaned him also. Is there any other way ?. My software for sound is soundforge pro 10 and audacity, i cant see any filter that will clean that noise like it does with other ones. I also cant find audio monitor or audio playback or anything like that on remote or in VCR settings. Maybe there is something i can find in soundforge ... i took some fast pictures with mobile phone that i will put in attachment.

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12-09-2020, 02:21 AM
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If your VCR allows you to adjust tracking manually you could try different manual settings for the best sound. The picture may be worse but the sound may be improved. You could then use the good picture from the first capture and add the better sound from the manually tracked capture .

Another technique for the "clicky" HiFi track is to use a Declick tool in your audio editing program. Probably every audio editing program has a Declick tool, and video programs may be able to access it if it is already a plugin in your computer. I tried it myself on one of your samples. It did not remove all of the clicks but removed or reduced a lot of them. The sound from the HiFi track will still be louder than the Linear track though.

Of course the ideal is to reproduce either the HiFi track or the Linear track perfectly. Unfortunately many VCR's with HiFi sound dont give us many options.

Back to the manual tracking, the aim is to reproduce the just HiFi track cleanly without the clicks, or the Linear track without the VCR jumping between tracks. If you manually make the VCR mistrack, it may mistrack enough to completely miss the HiFi track and reproduce only the linear track.

Some more advanced VCR's allow you to record both audio tracks but on separate digital tracks. This gives you more control over editing the best audio from each track once it's in your video editing program.
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12-09-2020, 10:28 PM
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Those are some loud noise bursts! Even if you found a good filter to reduce the clicking/buzzy parts of the audio, I would think the audio underneath those loud noises would also be drastically reduced as well. I say that because the noise is as loud, if not louder, than the audio you want to keep. Possibly it could be done if the voices and the noises are in two completely different parts of the sound spectrum. Sound Forge has ways to show the noise profile, which may tell you what frequencies the noise is strongest in. If you got lucky and found the noise was at say 7 KHz, you could apply a filter to drastically reduce those frequencies and not impact voices, which are at much lower frequencies.

But before trying to do that in Sound Forge, which is an awesome tool, I would first try what was suggested by timtape to get a better audio capture to start with. This involves trying to adjust tracking and/or changing the audio track from HiFi to Normal if the HiFi doesn't play click/buzz free on any manual tracking setting.

If not already available on this site, here's a link to page 18 of the manual for your VCR model https://www.manualslib.com/manual/84...page=18#manual This shows you how to do manual tracking and to change the soundtrack selection. Other pages, such as page 16 (and others) show the remote layout. Looks like you've got the same button layout on your remote, but some of the keys have different symbols/letters on them. Hopefully those key positions on the remote still behave the same even if the symbols/letters in the manual don't perfectly match.

First, keep the player in HiFi mode and try many different manual tracking settings, ignoring the change in picture quality, to see if there is any setting where this audio interference goes away. If you find a setting that does this, use that and recapture the video even if the picture's bad. Why? The HiFi audio is far superior if you can get it without that interference. If you are successful with the audio, but the video's worse than the other capture, you can take the video from the first capture and replace it with the audio from the second capture. To do that, you open 2 instances of Virtualdub and clip whatever beginning and ending frames you need off the files so that they both start and end on the same frame with the same number of frames total. Then you can save the audio only to a .wav file from that second capture. Then you can change the Audio setting in Virtualdub to use that .wav file as the audio for the video you opened in the other copy of Virtualdub. Use Direct Stream Copy mode in the video menu so that you skip any video re-encoding. Once those settings are selected, just do a File Save As to a new .avi file.

If you cannot get a good HiFi capture from adjusting the tracking, then use the Soundtrack Selection feature to put it in NORM mode. This should play the non-HiFi audio track instead of the HiFi track. The fidelity won't be as good and the audio may be at a lower dB level, but it would hopefully be free of the clicking and buzzing. You should start with Auto Tracking re-engaged first. If you still get audio noise, try manually adjusting the tracking again to try and remove that. If you are successful with this, you can either use the audio meter in Virtualdub and your audio capture settings to increase the sound level so it's closer to where you want it, or you can use Sound Forge later to add a few dB to the entire audio to get it closer to the levels you had for HiFi.

Best of luck to you!

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