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10-09-2021, 12:21 PM
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i need to use 32bit avisynth scripts, but I have an issue with QTGMC because my input file is YUY2.
I have an error because mt_makediff only accepts YUV planar colospaces.
Ok, I convert my file in YV16 (because it's YUY 422).
Same error.
It only works when I convert my file to YV12.
I have no issue with 64bit version of avisynth (and so QTGMC).
I re-download all the updated plugin and script in 32bit, nothing change.

Any advice ?

Thanks in advance

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10-09-2021, 02:12 PM
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32-bit QTGMC 3.364 works on my side with a YUY2 (interleaved) color space.
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