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03-02-2010, 10:55 AM
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If I, a film of 1:56 minutes.
What quality of recording, I choose? With the JVC DR-M10
Panasonic ES15 is a pass-through?
Therefore, fr is not like the Panasonic, JVC Fr
What is VBR? Thanks
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03-02-2010, 11:35 AM
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film vhs 1:56
Display panasonic nv_fs200 1:56->end
Display jvc dr.m10 continuos recording (fr 1:55)

Display panasonic nv-fs200 1:56 -> end film
Display panasonic es 15 1:56 -> end recording (fr 1:56 minututes-> 4,7 giga.
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03-02-2010, 08:40 PM
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For the best in quality, I'd suggest 1-hour XP mode, or FR180 3-hour mode -- the bitrate allocation is better than SP mode. A recent topic on this is at http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/show...duce-2032.html

If you have a video that is exactly 1:55 long (110 minutes), then it would fit a disc at SP mode. The difference between FR115 and FR120/SP will be negligible. Your concern that FR115 didn't fill the disc completely to 4.38GB ("4.7 gig") is understandable, but unnecessary. The few kilobits per second difference from FR110 to FR120 won't make an quality difference.

MPEG-2 encoding is not size-precise when using 1-pass VBR. Although CBR would be predictable down to the size, it would not be as good a quality.

VBR = variable bitrate. More bits are given to the videos where needed, less is given to static/still areas of the image where unnecessary.

CBR = constant bitrate.
It gives the same bitrate to the video, regardless of need. Unless you using a "superbit" (very high bitrate) allocation, the CBR will give you an image with more noise and blocks than a VBR encode, when it comes to scenes that needed more bitrate allocated.

If you insist on trying to fill the disc, then you can take a gamble, and trying recording at FR110, and hope it doesn't run out of blank space.

thanks, lordsmurf.
Panasonic es 15 is pass-through,as panasonic es10??
Yes, the ES10 and ES15 both do passthrough filtering. This is best done on an as-needed basis only, when there is visible tearing or signal problems that the ES10/ES15 filters away.

my configuration, hardware is:
Panasonic nv-fs200 -> datavideo tbc 1000 ->Sima scc2/sony xvc900 ->panasonic es15 -> jvc dr-m10.
What do you think, lordsmurf?.
there are few processors PAL video, unfortunately.
What, do you advise?
That's a good VCR, the PAL version of the NTSC Panasonic AG-1980.
Good TBC.
Sima SCC2 may or may not be useful.
Panasonic ES15 is good.
JVC DR-M10 is excellent recorder.

There are just as many processing options with PAL equipment as there are with NTSC. The Edirol VMC-1 is a PAL proc amp, and some Elite Video BVP4+ units have been known to work with PAL.

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