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08-17-2010, 09:37 PM
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Have been sent a bunch of DVD's recorded in England (Region 2)

After watching many of the videos, the motion in them doesn't look natural. It is choppy and jumpy....

The bitrates are all chopped up and it looks like the coding of the mpeg2 is off....---) That is what I think.....

Some of them are recorded from an HD recorder that records HD + Normal and a Phillips DVD recorder.....

Trying to figure out the problem.....

Got Digital and VHS recordings....Both act the same...

This is his method....Personally think he needs a an old JVC PAL deck, any ideas?

This is what he wrote:

The video are PAL format but not in HD just in normal TV mode.
Yes I can record normal DVD's to the HD recorder and that is how I am
recording these programmes. My recorder is connected to the TV with
scart leads, the input signal from my sky satelitte reciever is also
connected via scart leads. I do have a HD lead from my HD recorder to
my TV for use if I am watching a HD TV programme or a HD/blu ray disc.
On the few occasions when I copy DVD to DVD I would connect the old
Phillips DVD recorder to the Panasonic HD using a scart lead. The vcr
when I use it is connected to the HD recorder by a scart lead.

He also copies the disks using DVD decrypter can that add an encoding issues?

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08-17-2010, 11:55 PM
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using DVD decrypter can that add an encoding issues?
No. DVD Decrypter does not affect quality in any way. It simply extracts disc content as-is. No change happens to the data.

I'd almost have to see samples. At very least, I need to know what the content is.

A lot of PAL content was originally NTSC material, and when problems are seen, it's generally due to poor conversion. Not from your friend, but from the company that either broadcast it or made the tape/disc.

Some of what your friend says doesn't make any sense. It's too dumbed down, for lack of a better definition. He's not using any accurate video language.

For example:
Yes I can record normal DVD's to the HD recorder and that is how I am recording these programmes.
I don't really understand this. He copies a DVD to the HD DVR? That doesn't make any sense. That would require playing the DVR to a DVD recorder again, thereby making analog copies of a DVD instead of a digital copy. That's bad. It's like hooking up two VCRs, but with DVD equipment -- it loses a lot of quality going D>A>D instead of D>D.

SCART is sort of like a VGA or component connection in PAL, in case you don't know what that is. A lot of devices just have SCART leads, no composite or s-video. It's being replaced by HDMI, like most NTSC HD equipment.

Are you watching these on your TV set? Or on the computer? Watch them on the computer for true framerate playback. NTSC DVD players will quasi-play, and different players have different quality:
Some ghost, some do not.
Some jerk, some do not.
Some crop the x576 image, some resize it to NTSC x480.
Some alias the resize, some do not.
Some have interlace errors (such as random field order stutters, or visible lines), some do not.
Some vibrate the picture a bit, some do not.
LiteOn and JVC DVD recorders play PAL remarkably well.

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08-18-2010, 09:46 AM
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All my stock region 2 disks that I have play perfect!! It is these user created one that have the issues....

The problem seems to be the same that I am currently having with doing edits to mpeg2 files.

As u know some videos need virtual dub help. Was having major interlacing issues......So read about DV and AVI files...I guess they are bottom field first...So I take the mpeg2 file and swap the fields to load in to virtual dub....Than do the filters....Now have this massive file which I than have to issue back to mpeg2...

Can't use uncompressed AVI the files are too big...Huff doesn't seem to work with my Vista machine so been using Lagarith Codex for the AVI files...

If I do top field first have major interlacing issues...So what I have been doing is bottom field first than GOP and smart render......What I get is a file that plays nice on the PC but really jumpy on the TV....

Kind of thinking the problem is one in the same.....Any advise?

Next thing to test is after the final copy is done, is to than flip back to top field first....

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