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rocko 04-04-2015 01:48 AM

Improve quality of video already transfered from VHS to DVD?
I think the answer is NO! to this question, And I do have all the (DFAQ Recommended) equipment here to Properly Capture VHS,..but as I was sorting out all those DVD's I made with a VHS to DVD machine. And the prospect that I will have to Properly Re-Run a lot of those tapes for a good quality digital transfer..(I couldn't stand the OK-But-Crappy results from VHS to DVD machine!) I guess those DVD's are Trash/Coasters for my Coffee..or Crappy Back-ups?..No way to Improve Quality of already digitized VHS? Any Recent "Miracle" Software?:rats:

lordsmurf 04-04-2015 06:08 AM

You can definitely improve the quality of video that was already transferred from VHS to DVD (including DVD recorders), but it will never be as good as video that was transferred to lossless AVI.

Furthermore, you cannot fix many analog-domain errors. For example, timing errors on a VHS tape (wiggly video, tearing, etc) can never be fixed once converted to digital form. Once digital, the errors are not simply "signal errors" but are now embedded in the image. You can't unring that bell.

DVD can also add MPEG noise or errors. (Block noise, mostly.)

The "miracle" software needed is the usual combo of Avisynth, VirtualDub, and sometimes TMPGEnc Plus.

Digital video that is lacking analog errors is always best.

I'd need to see a clip.

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