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03-20-2017, 03:27 PM
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12voltvids on YouTube:

Time Base Corrector Demo. Covers the gamut of what time base errors are, their causes, why it matters, how to fix them. Shows vertical & horizontal sync, both separately and together in Pulse Cross mode on a broadcast monitor. Explains why consumer CRT TVs don't wiggle the way our digitizers do. Abuses the VCR's drum, giving his TBC a workout in the process. Does wander a bit from the central premise as he's a little too proud of his nifty old monitor.
- "TBC": Videonics MX-1 digital video mixer.

Capture with and without a time base corrector. Demonstrates capturing 2nd gen VHS using a Hauppauge HD PVR. Without TBC, the stupid thing glitches then freezes up completely. Magically cured by passing through vision mixer.
- "TBC": Videonics MX-1 digital video mixer.

Macrovision vs a Time Base Corrector. Shows MV signals present in vertical & horizontal sync on a broadcast monitor, including effects of ColorStripe. Apparently the MX-1 leaves some residual lines containing MV, while the MV stripper of course over-corrects by also killing the closed caption lines.
- "TBC": Videonics MX-1 digital video mixer.
- MV stripper: A Macrovision Eliminator box he built in the '80s.

Copy macrovision protected Video to DVD. Least useful; only shows oscilloscope view + Jurassic Park on an LCD. Semi-interesting if you care to see MV at the actual signal level, but the rolling shutter of his camera makes it difficult to see.
- MV stripper: A Macrovision Eliminator box he built in the '80s.

He's a local guy.

[Sticky...? I think he really does a great job, especially in the first video explaining the mechanical reasons for varying sync timing.]

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08-29-2017, 03:47 PM
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Thanks a lot for this interesting and excellent videos!!

I have a poor english, so I think i've understood: if i want to digitalize vhs always have to use a tbc (i have mx1). always with 0 options in the setup menu?

but if i want to erase mv from a tape the best option is a mv eraser box. i have one of them but i dont know if all the boxes are the same way or there are different systems... i have one of these boxes but i dont know if internally is the same than your.

thanks in advance and hope to keep in touch !!
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