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stevevid 09-17-2018 01:50 AM

Help figuring out AviSynth Select structure?
As I inch (mm?) my way forward I run into small things I don't understand. For example the index part of the Select function:

Histogram(Select([<"Histogram", 0, 2, 1>] ,"classic", "levels", "color"))

I know that [<"Histogram, 0, 2, 1>] is the index argument part of the Select function. I don't understand it's structure. I can deduce that 0 is the beginning value, 2 is the ending value, and 1 is the step size. But what in the Select function definition or grammar defines these parts? How does Select know how to use the beginning, end and step size? The Select description just says Index.

Also, I don't understand the use of [ ] and < > and the text string "Histogram". Why is the text string "Histogram" in the Index argument?

I look forward to someone advancing my education.

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