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ehbowen 01-15-2019 02:56 PM

Optimizing a 2.35 subtitled capture for 16:9
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Another LaserDisc project, attempting to put paid to the question: Did Han Shoot First? The original motion picture was 2.35:1, of course, but the LaserDisc widescreen release was in 4:3 with the subtitles below the video image area. I'd like to optimize this video for viewing on a 16:9 TV/monitor when I render it. Preference would be to lose no actual image area and have the image area proportions correct at 2.35:1 with the subtitles visible below the image area in what would normally be the black bar. What crop settings do you recommend?

(Also, looks like this audio needs cleanup as well. Suggestions welcomed for this also.)

Edit To Add: The primary purpose here is to add the optimized movie to the personal movie collection on my streaming video server, but I may also want to make a backup DVD for archival purposes. So recommendations for processing the image both ways are welcomed. Workflow was Pioneer LD >S-Video> TBC-4000 >S-Video> ATI AIW 8500DV; capture in VirtualDub.

Second Edit: Here's what I did using IVTC in VirtualDub and cutting it down to 720x320, eyeballing around the subtitles. I confess, I'm new at this. Comments?

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