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01-18-2019, 10:45 PM
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Note: I know, this is not new info, but I thought it would be good to post this so other n00bs like myself looking for help can find it easier than I did.

I've been struggling to get AVISynth+ working on it's own. In looking around for help, I came across this Doom9 thread about StaxRip

It is basically a GUI for AVISynth+ (or Vaporsynth), like the more popular MeGUI or Avanti, but has much more versatility. I don't know all of the available AVISynth commands to just type out a script off the top of my head in AvsPmod, but this has them all listed in menus so you can see what is available. Makes starting out not quite so intimidating and decreases the learning curve slope significantly. You can also edit the code directly once you get more comfortable with it. I only use a few commands for noise reduction and QTGMC, but there are many others to try.
There is one bug I found while trying multi-threading- the program uses the old AVISynth "SetMTMode" command instead of the AVISynth+ command "SetFilterMTMode". Edit the code and add the "Filter" and correct parameters. Done.
It also works fine in Windows 10x64, so those of us with newer computers can use it.
Once you are comfortable with StaxRip, it is easier to move on to AvsPmod or other script editors.

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01-20-2019, 12:26 PM
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I highly suggest the plain, normal, official Avisynth for 32-bit needs.

The MT doesn't work well. Yes, it makes stuff faster -- but I've often gotten glitches in video frames, and it get really unstable. Trying to force Avisynth to use more RAM and CPU cores just doesn't work well.

Avisynth+ x64 works nicely, but only for specific filters. QTGMC on fastest preset works blazing fast, and that's mostly what I currently use it for. KNLmeansCL also only works in 64, used it a few times (not a common filter).

AvsPmod has a 64-bit version.

I'm not a fan of GUIs too often. Hybrid works nicely for encoding x264, but the Avisynth has always failed for me. I have no faith in something like StaxRip, though I've not looked at it in years. The current screenshot of it doesn't give me any more hope.

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01-26-2019, 12:26 AM
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I agree, I wasn't suggesting you use StaxRip permanently (Unless, of course, you want to), just use it to get comfortable with the code, then move on to the official Avisynth.
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