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07-12-2019, 12:55 AM
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Hi All!

I wanted to tackle giving one of my favorite childhood shows a loving restoration. A whopping 130 episodes at 15 minutes each- this isn't going to be an easy task, so I want to run through the experts here if they can help with a dominant issue.

This program was once available on a foreign streaming site I had an overseas subscription to; needless to say I captured all of the episodes with my HDMI software from my iPhone. The streaming service had an app, where it had the ability to download videos for offline viewing. I proceeded this way, so I don't receive any "streaming artifacts" (had to use a VPN to access the service). My iPhone output at 60p, so I captured as such.

Now for facts: the program is originally in 60i motion. The streaming service had it in 25p. To avoid not losing any unique frames, I captured in the iPhone's output of 60p (like a container, if you will). A pattern is seen with the frames:

My goal is to restore the framerate back to it's native 60i/p, or at the very least 50i/p to conform with a PAL standard if it's possible. Part of my plan is to get rid of all of the duplicate frames so there is all unique frames, then use these unique frames to interpolate back to the intended motion (scrap all the duplicate frames to have a 25p file). I have uploaded an episode for members to work with, and the intro from a VHS tape with the intended motion. Thank you so much again for all the knowledge I've learned on this site.

Digital Episode Capture:

VHS Intro Capture with Original Motion:
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