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Denicio 01-10-2022 02:31 PM

Vegas Pro render settings?
I am now working on archiving ALL my home video from years and years of recording. I have two scenarios i would love helpful tips on. Remember, these renders are for family viewing. No need for 4K render settings that would bedazzle Spielberg. Just something sensible for casual family viewing and a setting that does not create huge files.

Here are the two types of video i am needing rendered.

1. Analog VHS and Hi 8 tapes. (Transferred through a Lord Smurf approved system)

2. Digital video from a Canon Vixia HF10.

I am not planning on burning these to DVD. I simply want sensible file sizes that look good so i can put the rendered videos on the cloud for my adult kids to have access to.

What Vegas Render Settings do y’all suggest for the two options? I am using Vegas Pro 12 at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any answers on this.

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