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10-14-2013, 10:37 AM
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I've messaged you in the past and your suggestions have always been helpful. If you don't mind have a look at the following--


This link is representative of some of the sermons that I occasionally download for members of our congregation that don't have internet access. They play fine in a small window on your desktop but once you start displaying them on a television screen they reveal their low res origins pretty quickly. I was wondering if there were anything I could do to denoise and deblock them where thay wouldn't look quite so pixellated. I know they will never be perfect but any suggestion is welcome. Many thanks.

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Once something has been compressed down to Youtube quality, noise NR and deblocking is often not possible. Mostly what happens is that the noise gets smeared out by blurring when attempting to filter it.

Some advanced Avisynth work is possible.

But I always hesitate to do that on Youtube source. Why? Because the person can often be contacted for the better source.

One these specific videos, I also don't find anything to be overly bad. A problem many people make is judging full-screen quality while sitting inches away at a computer. But once you watch on a TV, or at least sit back on the compute chair, obvious flaws because less obvious. Remember, video is to be watched/enjoyed, not nitpicked!

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