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gatch72 07-10-2006 09:39 AM

How to capture Youtube FLVs?

above is a link to be able to save video clips...i just cant figure it out...can anyone help is a link to some videos..


markatisu 07-11-2006 11:55 AM

If you want to save youtube pm Raman, I sent him a link sometime ago of a site that you just enter the youtube address and it will save the video to your hard drive, it works with yahoo and google as well.

lordsmurf 07-11-2006 12:00 PM

gatch72 07-11-2006 12:30 PM

How can you put these on dvd.

stoogedog 07-12-2006 10:17 AM

hi LS, when you use keepvid and download a video, can you then burn the video to a cd or dvd? your help is always appreciated. lmk. thanks stoogedog

weevil6772 07-12-2006 11:06 AM

There's a program out called "Super" I think is the official name.It'll convert any format to any other format.It's an awesome program, and it's freeware.Google it!

lordsmurf 07-12-2006 11:18 AM

youtube uses FLV format video, and I've never tried to convert it. For starters, it's extremely low quality and barely looks good in a small window on the computer. It will undoubtedly look awful fullscreen on a tv set.

So whatever you do has to open FLV, and then convert to AVI or MPEG (if AVI, then convert to MPEG in a second step).

weevil6772 07-12-2006 11:28 AM

Yeah I usually convert stuff like that to avi with Super, then use avi2dvd to convert to an ISO.After several passes and usually 1-3 hours depending the quality is pretty decent.I've only done this for documentaries off of google video,and a few funny youtube clips.Although some of the stuff is so pixelated on there it's no point in converting it.As LS said if it looks like crap on your pc it'll look worse on your tv.To come out good has to look at least decent to begin with.

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