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stoogedog 10-10-2006 12:25 PM

how do i download so i can burn to disc
hi, i would like to download some videos from youtube so i can burn them to a disc. can anyone reply with how to do this? i would greatly appreciate the info. thanks stoogedog

Skuff 10-10-2006 01:55 PM

I don't think youtube allows downloads anymore. I could be wrong though.

lordsmurf 10-10-2006 04:53 PM

For youtube, you need special download tools. let you do it, at one point. And then Firefox has a plugin called VideoDownloader or something. Then you are stuck with an FLV (Flash Video) formatted video. I don't know what you'd use to convert. FLV quality is so tacky I barely enjoy it on the computer, it would be horrible on the tv.

cp32 10-10-2006 05:37 PM

google just purchased today..(.AKA YOUTUBE)

Dont know if that make a difference or not ? LOL :P

allaboutduncan 10-11-2006 01:12 AM

You can use videora converter to convert to mp4 and then to mpg. It's a process and it's get's worse looking as you go. Not really worth the time it takes.

markatisu 10-11-2006 05:27 AM

Yeah as I learned from working on my DIC GI Joe site youtube essentially takes anything and turns it into the following, at best settings (of course using Flash as the method of streaming):

320x240 mpg1/vcd with 56-112 bitrate audio

So at best you would want to try and convert it to a VCD and then it will still look horrid on a TV. I would just weigh the time involved because it can be a long series of steps for not a real worthy outcome (vs watching it on the computer that is)

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