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JoseGoy 02-10-2020 05:28 PM

Workflow advice: SVHS tapes to digital?
Hello my Name Is Jose. I live in Argentina.
I am investigating ways to convert my old svhs tapes to digital.
From what I read here the ideal flow is:

1. VCR SVHS (several JVC models that need not be listed because they are already in several Digitalfaq threads)
2. TBC (idem)
3. ATI All in Wonder. With AGP connection.
4. PC with Windows XP
5. VirtualDub, Avisynth.

This is my situation:

1. The VCR models recommended here are impossible to buy in my country.
In its replacement I plan to use my Panasonic Omni Vision HQ PV S770 SVHS Video Camera.
It is a camcorder in perfect condition, its 4 heads are very clean and in good condition.
I know it's not ideal, but it's possible.

2. TBC. The same happens with the VCR, for the moment it is unlikely that you will get one of the recommended ones here in Digitalfaq.

3. I can buy ATI All in wonder, there are two published in Argentina, what do you think?

3.1. 000c8ec27908

3.2. 000c8ec27908

Either one costs about 80 usd

I have no problem getting one of them for that price.

4. PC to connect the ATI All in Wonder:


Its price is about 50 usd

4.2. 000c8ec27908

Its price is about 20 usd


My flow would then be as follows:
SVHS camcorder --- SVideo --- ATI All in Wonder --- VirtualDub.

Do you think you could achieve good results in this way?
Can these ATI All in Wonder be used on any of these PCs?
In the event that any of these PCs are used for any of the ITAs, do you think I will be wasting my money?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your advice, and I admire the passion you have!

Sorry for my bad English,
Hug from the south.

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