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Nehalem_i7 07-07-2020 09:03 AM

s-video options for capture?

ive got a load of vhs tapes that i wish to capture lossless, cleanup then encode ive heard that some camcorders have a passtru option (svideo in to dv out) but my camcorder canon legria doesnt.

my equipment

Panasonic tbr vhs (to capture)

Legria m306 (component out and hdmi out only)

Core 2 duo laptop (to capture lossless footage, as it has firewire connection)

i7 desktop (to cleanup footage and encode)

do i need purchase another device that can take a svideo out connection from VCR to the legria camorder then from camcorder to laptop via firewire, as im unsure whats the best way.

anyhelp much appreciated

latreche34 07-07-2020 10:37 AM

Your camcorder doesn't have analog inputs and firewire output, It does have USB I guess to be used as a webcam. I haven't read the manual though, that's your task to do.

Nehalem_i7 08-04-2020 07:55 AM

thanks for the help

Ive been looking online for a camcorder with dv in so that i can connect my vcr to it to capture via passthru.

its it only SD camcorders that have dv connection, does it matter what camcorder you get panasonic, sony etc.would a 3ccd camcorder capture better than one or if a newer version of that model capture better gs120eb or gs400eb.

if anyone can suggest a camcorder as im new to this the one i have canonM306 does not


lordsmurf 08-04-2020 10:22 AM

That would be DV conversion, and can easily be unacceptable low quality.
Where are you? PAL or NTSC?

Nehalem_i7 08-05-2020 10:21 AM

Hi yes PAL UK

Any camcorders you could recommend


hodgey 08-05-2020 10:36 AM

PAL camcorders often had the DV in > Av out part disabled from the factory, so it can be hard to know which ones will work. Only one I've tested is a DCR-TRV 330 Digital8 camcorder, it had some line-TBCish functionality from what I remember. Those are usually quite expensive though as they're used to transfer 8mm video tapes.

If you already have a fancy VCR with TBC, I think even a mid tier capture card + alternatively a DVR or something to avoid frame drops would give you a better result for a similar price.

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