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08-12-2020, 02:16 PM
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Hi all,

I have a question on how to approach the workflow after capturing it in Huffyuv format.
  • Do we split the entire .avi file into scenes using VirtualDub?
  • For each scene do you apply custom tailored Avisynth scripts + Virtualdub filters to fix any identified imperfections?
  • Once each scene is fixed to you create another avisynth script to merge them all into one .avi file or does another piece of software do the merging?

Thank you all for your time.
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08-27-2020, 10:22 PM
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I'm sort of mentally going through some of the same questions as you right now trying to figure out the best approach to my workflow. However, I personally am not interested in putting all the split files back together into an AVI, because I prefer that the final output files are the individual "scenes", not the original uncut video.

I assume the reason you want to split them into scenes is so you can customize your filters for each different event (if one is dark, and the next is not, etc.) I am actually not sure if there is a way to isolate a portion of your video and apply filters to just that section, or if you need to actually split it up first. I'm new to VirtualDub, but I'm sure you can find the answer to that somewhere on these forums!

Assuming you do split them, I do know that you can easily merge them back together using an AviSynth script if that's what you want to do. There is other software out there than can join files together but if you have AviSynth working, it's easy enough to do it there. Someone can correct me if I am wrong here on anything, but I see your post is now a few weeks old and no one has chimed in!

What I think I am going to do is after capture, apply my masking (cropping/padding) in VirtualDub to the entire clip so that is done for the whole thing, and any other filters that may apply to the entire video. Then I probably will set my in and out points and export the individual video streams as smaller cut up files, one for each "event". I am capturing old analog home movies so on one tape there could be someone's birthday, Christmas, a parade, etc.. each of those I would cut into its own file. This is just my preference, rather than having a 2 hour long video to comb through if someone wanted to actually watch something. I don't really know if there is a way to apply a filter to just one of those "events" as you're exporting each one, but you could always filter for the section you're working on and then after you output, just disable them or tweak them for the next section. This probably isn't the best method!! Someone else help!

Then, I think I would run my AVISynth script on all the individual files to title, fade, deinterlace, and then convert to ProRes (this is where I am not 100% sure yet). I have a mac, and I'd like the "intermediate" files to be available to the mac if I ever want to do any sort of compilations from all my captures. So that's where ProRes comes in for me. And then I would convert those ProRes files in bulk to x264 / mp4.

Although, if you don't need the intermediate file, you could just go from your HuffYUV capture -> AviSynth script -> convert to your ultimate final file. Whether that is one big uncut video or a bunch of smaller cut videos is up to you! I'd be interested to hear what you ended up doing if I'm late to the party here.
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09-02-2020, 02:06 AM
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No correct answer here.

Sometimes I split per scene. It's tedious, and I sometimes hate it. This sort of work costs $$$$ for others. For myself, I really just don't have that much time or patience, unless it's for a special documentary style piece.

The more economical (for others), and quicker (for myself), is to just pick a moderate correction for the entire file.

Sometimes groups of clips are given a moderate treatment. Not whole file, but also not tiny scenes.

That's what studios do in editing. And I'm not an editor. I'm very competent at editing, but I don't find it enjoyable whatsoever.

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09-02-2020, 07:58 AM
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I also just learned that you can put Virtualdub filters in blend mode and use curves to apply it to the parts of the video you want.
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