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10-30-2020, 06:01 PM
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Today the courier delivered a JVC HR-S7711 video recorder to me. Unfortunately, I connected it and still check all settings. Unfortunately, I cannot find any option that would allow me to play back SECAM tapes and convert them to PAL or NTSC output. Attached are the screenshots of the menu. See how I have the device set up.
When I set the PAL / NTSC position in the MADE SET / COLOR SYSTEM tab, the picture looks like appendix number 6. But when I switch to SECAM, the picture looks like appendix 7 - so it's black and white. And correctly, now the question is where is the function that will convert color to output to PAL system?

The signal I capture is DATAVIDEO TBC-1000 (supports PAL / NTSC) and then the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 card which also supports PAL / NTSC.

I don't see any PAL / NTSC or SECAM settings in the input / output settings of this VCR

LordSmurf I am asking you for help.

Thank you in advance for your help and best regards,



PAL / NTSC settings

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SECAM settings


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11-01-2020, 11:19 AM
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Well ... hell.

I need some days to look at this unit again. The 7711 that I have here is a non-English (Dutch? German?) model, not English menus. I forget the exact location off-hand, but there is a MESCAM / PAL+NTSC option on it. I'll have to take some screencaps in the near future.

I don't have any SECAM tapes to test with, however. (Where can I get one very cheap? Or perhaps somebody here will care to donate one for site R&D?)

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I'll get some screen caps from my 7711 deck soon.

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