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11-25-2020, 09:57 AM
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I'm doing a batch of about 70 tapes, discs, USB flash drives and whatnot for a client. Lots of material from the 80s to the mid-2000s.

I'd like to deliver something useful and enjoyable to the client, rather than a pile of two-hour video files in directories that don't make any sense.

I got around to thinking that perhaps Plex might be a good model to follow, possibly allowing the client to hook this external SSD to a Plex system and be able to browse and enjoy the material. If not Plex itself, then I reckon the Plex-compatible file structure, file naming and metadata (is there any?) would still end up making more sense to the user than an arbitrary system I set up.

Does anyone have experience to share on this? Looking for a balance between delighting the client and making something manageable on my end as I process a bunch of captures.

Many thanks!
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11-26-2020, 06:19 AM
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IMO, best to ask the client what makes the most sense to them. Convenience for you managing it is secondary.

Edit: Is see that you're doing captures. While it's possible that Plex may be able to generate the info for videos, assuming they're movies or TV shows, I don't know if it works with captured videos.
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